if u ever let something as unreliable and fluctuating as someones weight define whether or not you love them i feel really bad for you bc obvi you will never know true love or be with someone for more than like 2 months bc hey WEIGHT CHANGES!!!! A LOT!!!!! also like if i am “too fat to be loved” at 187 lbs i feel super bad for you bc you just cut out like more than half of the female population!!! you are going to be in unhealthy unstable relationships until you can confront your fear of women being strong and taking care of themselves without yielding to society’s and the male gaze’s pressures!!! we do not exist for you!!!! i do not exist for your viewing pleasure!!!! you are not the only judge of what is/isn’t acceptable!!!! you can not speak for the whole world!!!! maybe the world thinks youre an asshole that should be terminated!!!!  

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