i'm having a horrible time trying to love myself. sometimes i look through your fatspiration to remember that i should love myself, but being fat is like really hard. that sounds so dumb. sometimes i just don't feel beautiful and think it could all be different if i was 130 pounds. thanks for having that tag though, sometimes it really helps. you're an amazing person.

thank you aw babydoll trust me i know its hard but you wanna know my secret? no matter how hard it gets, make loving yourself look like the easiest thing in the world to other people. someone somewhere is not going to like you; that is the end of that and no matter how small you are, you’re not going to get over the pain of being unwanted. you have to move past it. whether youre 130 lbs or 430 lbs. losing weight is not going to change your opinion of yourself for long, as soon as you lose it, you will pick out other stuff about your appearance that is “causing” life to be hard. you’re still going to be the same person as you are now and as annoying as it is, you can not run away from your own body.

<3 i love u a lot and u should check out seeyrfat.tumblr.com thats my intersectional fattie blog its a safe space for everyone to let go of their stigmas and internalized hate and admit to falling off the positivity horse every now and then.

the important thing is that you realize you DESERVE love and that beauty is not the be all end all of the human experience. don’t be afraid of being ugly. ugliness is underrated. 

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