hahahahahahaha i got picked up early for no reason and my mom took me a restaurant and like half of my fucking family was there and i can only describe what happened as an intervention so i have a psych eval at a hospital next week and the counselor told me its very possible i could be admitted for an extended amount of time idk it doesnt really matter to me and im not upset because im already failing school and all i do now is drink and cry so like going to a facility that makes me eat things beyond chicken nuggets and makes me address my feelings soberly and makes me go to group therapy and can help me address my addiction and maybe EVEN PUT ME BACK ON MOOD STABILIZERS WOW may actually be good its not like its the worse thing that could happen 

  1. thenightwearsasombrero said: i hope they treat you right in there. you deserve only good things.
  2. creepytwin said: i hope it all works out for the best for you, whatever happens.
  3. funeralhome420 said: ugh babe I hope u are ok, if you get admitted you should take my number and call me from the hospital if you can???
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