I felt both wildly, piercingly glad to be alive and also like I did not know what to do with the life I now held in my hands. It was as if someone had handed me the moon, and what does one do with the moon? What does one do with a life when one had expected to be dead?

im offering to go down on ppl in exchange for textbooks so if yr interested hmu


stop teaching girls to accept not having control over their bodies and their livelihoods. stop telling them that if they don’t want to be sexually assaulted they shouldn’t wear certain clothes, that if they dont want to be harassed they shouldnt post pictures of themselves online. why would you deliberately want to perpetuate the idea that abuse must be ingrained into our lives, that this war is one that we don’t get to fight back in? your “realness” and “life lessons” are nothing short of regurgitated modes for subjugation. support women who dare to fight back. aid assist defend comfort and protect women who take a stand against it, dont belittle and discount them. dont tell them to roll over. if you do this, youre the one who needs to really grow up  

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